Our values

Our Values

At Luck Companies, our values are more than cultural expectations; they are the principles of the way we operate our businesses.


Takes personal responsibility for the success of self, others, and the organization

  • Model safety, health, and environmental stewardship
  • Do what it takes
  • Pursue excellence
  • Celebrate success


Earns the trust and respect of others

  • Be honest
  • Do what you say
  • Hold self and others accountable
  • Give and receive feedback


Delivers ideas and innovation that add value

  • Be curious
  • Learn new skills
  • Be open to change
  • Explore and experiment


Ignites human potential and performance

  • Value diversity and differences
  • Develop self and others
  • Inspire confidence and optimism
  • Confront issues
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Our Plan For Growth

As a thriving, multi-generation family-owned and operated business, we are exploring opportunities to expand our footprint and positively impact new customers and communities.

What We Are Looking For

With nearly 100 years of experience and industry-leading success, our aspirations for growth will enable us to create opportunities for our associates, deepen and strengthen our operational excellence and ensure sustainable success for future generations.

We take a long-term, thoughtful approach to this work and hold ourselves to the highest standards by planning for the evolution of our sites, the welfare of the environment, and the safety and prosperity of our associates and our communities.

Luck Companies is interested in connecting with you about your land or business. We strive to structure arrangements that create mutually beneficial outcomes for owners and family businesses. We are primarily interested in the following types of properties:

  • Existing aggregate quarries, sand and gravel plants and other related businesses
  • Property with greenfield site potential for a quarry or sand and gravel operations
  • Geographic locations in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, U.S.

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