Our values

Our Values

At Luck Companies, our values are more than cultural expectations; they are the principles of the way we operate our businesses.


Takes personal responsibility for the success of self, others, and the organization

  • Model safety, health, and environmental stewardship
  • Do what it takes
  • Pursue excellence
  • Celebrate success


Earns the trust and respect of others

  • Be honest
  • Do what you say
  • Hold self and others accountable
  • Give and receive feedback


Delivers ideas and innovation that add value

  • Be curious
  • Learn new skills
  • Be open to change
  • Explore and experiment


Ignites human potential and performance

  • Value diversity and differences
  • Develop self and others
  • Inspire confidence and optimism
  • Confront issues
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Our Impact

Bringing Possibilities to Life

Our dedication to amplifying the reach and impact of our mission inspires us to enrich lives, strengthen communities and support others.  To learn more, download our Impact Report.

Better people. Braver leaders. Wiser world.

Over the years, Luck Companies’ message and VBL work has reached thousands of individuals and organizations. Recognizing our opportunity to share this life-changing work with others inspired us to establish a non-profit leadership institute. In 2015, in collaboration with a community of VBL practitioners, we launched InnerWill to pursue a mission to develop better people, braver leaders, and a wiser world. InnerWill uses Values Based Leadership to teach, coach and support the development of those interested in transforming both their life and the lives of others.

Working with the Community

Our commitment to the communities we serve is deep and extensive.

We study, explore, and learn about the communities we enter to understand their past and imagine the possibilities for the future. We engage and partner with community leadership, government and institutions to turn visions into collaborative realities.

Whether we’re working on a new bridge project or one of Virginia’s many highways, we take a long-term approach to our business to ensure that the community benefits from our work for decades to come. 

Additionally, each year, we provide sponsorships and product donations to our communities. We take pride in the role we play to help build and sustain the infrastructure of a healthy society and the people who live in it.

 The Luck Companies Foundation 

We support our associates and the organizations that mean the most to them by matching donations from associate giving. In addition, the Luck Companies Foundation offers grants and charitable donations to purpose-driven organizations.

The Luck Companies Foundation also partners with non-profits to lead work that results in long-term, positive outcomes for our local communities. We focus in two main areas — Values Based Leadership and Environmental Stewardship. 

Ways We Give Back

Learning from our own journey, we founded InnerWill to broaden the reach and impact of our mission. A nonprofit leadership institute and consulting organization, InnerWill provides research, support and thought leadership to create better people, braver leaders and a wiser world.

Luck Companies Foundation Matching Gifts

Luck Companies matches financial contributions from associates to qualified 501(c)3 organizations.

Luck Stone

2016 stone donations from the corporation totaled $71,346, recorded at their retail value. Other charitable donations including sponsorships and cash totaled $169,632.

Luck Companies History of Giving

We support our associates and the organizations that mean most to them. Our Matching Gift program is designed to double our associates’ giving by matching their charitable donations in full. These donations, in combination with grants awarded by our Luck Companies Foundation, make a positive impact in our communities and in the lives of others. Here’s a look at our giving totals over the last 7 years.

YE 10/31/10  29 $269,675
YE 10/31/11  123 $465,199
YE 10/31/12  139 $472,117
YE 10/31/13  138 $624,848
YE 10/31/14  143 $823,365
YE 10/31/15  144 $822,708
YE 10/31/16  130 $714,738

Apply For a Grant

THE FIRST STEP: Please complete and submit a "Request for Funding" form by clicking the “Apply For Grant” button below. The request should succinctly describe your organization and the proposed project, with an explanation of its relevance to specific Foundation areas of focus. Please also include an estimate of the funds being requested. Applications that do not address a specific topic within our areas of focus will not be reviewed.

All specifications in the "Request for Funding" form must be met in order for us to review your request.

HOW IT WORKS: The Foundation receives many more grant requests than it can fund. Submitting a formal grant request does not mean that funding will be approved.

We will review requests four times a year, and preference will be given to those that affect our areas of primary emphasis - Values Based Leadership and Environmental Stewardship. Long-term positive impact on the communities in which we operate is a critical to our consideration of each grant request. We also expect recipients to provide an annual report on long-term impact and project effectiveness.

For more information on the Luck Companies Foundation, please contact:

The Luck Companies Foundation
P.O. Box 29682
Richmond, VA 23242-0682
Telephone: (800) 898-5825; (804) 476-6438
Fax: (804) 784-5380

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